Families First


We are an independent, non-profit early childhood center dedicated to supporting Brooklyn families





Our Playspace is a carpeted, 30ft by 20ft room just for the little one – an open space, for open play. The room is filled with age-appropriate, developmentally stimulating toys, a train table, small ride-on toys, a soft-play area, a play kitchen and books. Our Playspace is meant to be a space where the children lead the way, while still under the watchful eye of their caregivers. It is a place to forge new friendships – for children and adults – a place to learn to crawl and walk, a place to practice fine and gross motor skills and a place to feel loved and supported. Come for an hour, or spend the whole day - our Playspace is open whenever Families First is open. Come in the morning to play for awhile, take a break and have lunch in our snack room, go read a book in our library and then return to the Playspace for some more fun.


Practically Preschool Fall 2019

Our Practically Preschool program is designed to be an introduction to the experience of school. As a “bridge” to preschool, our enriching playgroup approach provides a setting for children to explore, learn, and grow. Our small class sizes (maximum of 6-8 children) provide an intimate setting in which to explore the world of the classroom. Our program uses a “stepping” up approach to help transition children between the four levels in our program. This subtle transition allows the children to feel comfortable and supported while the role of the parent/caregiver slowly diminishes, giving the child the opportunity to gain greater social and emotional confidence. Our teachers offer a nurturing environment full of guidance, encouragement and support.


Drop-In Classes

Drop-in classes are for Families First members, you must have at least a Basic membership to attend the classes.
$15 fee per class unless otherwise noted .